Corvus was installed in May 2007. It was purchased by eResearch SA in partnership with SGI, funded by the Australian Research Council's Linkage Infrastructure Equipment and Facilities Scheme (LIEF), with matching funds from the partner universities and a number of research groups.

Corvus is an SGI Altix XE1300, with 69 compute nodes, each with two Intel 'Clovertown' quad-core processors, meaning there are effectively 552 computational cores. It has a peak performance of 6 TeraFLOPS and at the time of installation was the third fastest computer in Australia, with a ranking of 421 in the June 2007 Top 500 list from its Linpack benchmark result of 4.468 TeraFLOPS.

Corvus is used for a variety of applications including computational physics, chemistry, bioinformatics, engineering and applied mathematics.

For more information, see the Corvus User Guide.